“It’s just my fancy way of saying hello.” ~Charlotte

Born in Missouri, I am a true Show Me state boy, which is to say skeptic or freethinker. Or at least aspiring freethinker. We all suffer from bias.  In practice that boils down to being an atheist (or, more specifically, igtheist) in terms of practical living and traditional metaphysics.  Being a freethinker means my beliefs don’t hinge on the dogmatism belonging to any tradition or particular view.  This wasn’t always the case, as that same Missouri upbringing is a history steeped in a Southern Baptist church with a strong penchant towards Calvinism, and TULIP is an indelible acronym for me.

I enjoy writing and have had a couple of small fictional works published. I also enjoy philosophy, theology, psychology, mythology, politics and science, and it was with those things in mind that I have created this blog. A place to come and kick my thoughts about. That may be on some “hot button” topic, so keep a cool head. Nothing here is aimed intentionally at you. Nothing here is absolute or beyond reproach. All thought should be subject to critical analysis and revision, and I welcome feedback from any and all who have something constructive to add. Really, my mind can be changed, even on the Big Issues, given a compelling argument/evidence.

That’s one reason why I’ve reinvented my blog here and titled it Street Skeptology rather than The Sarskeptic. As Americans, we tend to love our sarcasm, and I’m no exception. Sarcasm is a wonderful driving tool for humor. But the primary definition of sarcasm is satire or irony designed to cut or give pain, which is not what I intend my blog to be about. And I didn’t want that coloring people’s thoughts before they have even read a word.

To be sure, I’ve been called arrogant, argumentative, cynical, and a nebulous “there’s just something about you.” I’ve also been deemed quiet, passive-aggressive, and sweet-when-I-want-to-be (but who isn’t?). A True Colors assessment at work pegged Green as my primary color: intellectual, logical, inquisitive, and organized. One friend said that my belief system just seems to be “anti.” For all that I’m pretty easy-going. And, for the record, I’ve been described as “pretty cool,” too. There’s a couple of people that even love me. Yeah, okay, one of them is my mom.

There’s more to me than that, of course. I’m a gamer whore. I love pen & paper RPGs such as D&D, Pathfinder and World of Darkness. Board games are fun too, and I’m a big fan of Fantasy Flight games such as Arkham Horror, Battlestar Galactica, and Game of Thrones (and just a big Game of Thrones fan in general). I grew up loving Star Wars. George Lucas tested that love when he released the “prequels.” I still like Star Wars, but I try to pretend episodes I-III don’t exist. Especially The Phantom Menace. Now that Disney has the helm, my hope flies anew for the franchise. Rogue One possibly has the best Vader moment ever  put on film towards the end. There are too many movies I love in various genres to even begin to list them, but LotR ranks right up there, as do Thank You For Smoking and American Beauty. I like red wine and a few other adult concoctions. NFL football is about as close as I get to Sunday worship. My favorite color is black, even if it’s technically not a color. After all, I don’t wake up and think “I’m going to wear my not-a-color shirt today.”

There are a few truths I hold to be self-evident. Mountains beat beaches. It shall weigh 12 lbs or more to be called a dog. Autumn is an awesome time of year; it should be perpetual. Adverbs are Evil, but sometimes necessary. Cats are also Evil and not at all necessary, but useful for scientific exploit. I may not be able to prove these things scientifically, but internal logic dictates they must be true.

Live. Laugh. Learn.

And remember: Nobody is ever as reasonable as we imagine ourselves to be.

If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking. ~George S. Patton


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